If you ask me, the key to a fulfilling life is the ownership of our strengths and our ability to see each challenge as an opportunity to grow. Only then can we realize our full potential.

HeartWise’s approach is holistic and revolves around three main pillars: strength-enhancing, mindfulness-based, and heart-centered.



Working with HeartWise will help you own and embody your strengths, so that you become more empowered to meet your goals.


We use our experience in the present moment to discern our priorities and the right actions to take, while staying in integrity with our values and aware of practical aspects.


HeartWise will meet you with warmth and empathy. Building up a safe and trust-based relationship, you will learn tools and discover resources to face challenges with an open heart and transform limitations into opportunities to grow.


Examples of what HeartWise Co. has helped clients with include:


… Clarify their strengths and life vision, and conciliate these with their role and vision for their business.

… Deal with relational issues and conflicts with partners and team members.

… Take important decisions and stay in balance during the preparation of a large event.

… Design and implement the optimal structure for their business, in alignment with their personal values and mission.

… Make a company blog look both personal and professional – to bring more clients and transpire personal authenticity in the business.

… and more



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