Align what you DO with who you ARE

HeartWise Co. offers individual and group coaching to help you clarify your goals and get on track with an open mind and an open heart.



No matter your actual position – an entrepreneur, an executive or a spiritual seeker – you ARE a leader: an agent responsible of their own life.


HeartWise Co.’s mission is to help you unleash your potential by transforming whatever is slowing you down into new avenues for growth.


In 1:1: sessions, we address what is standing in the way for you to become your real self and fulfill your life goals – personally and/or professionally. You will know yourself better and become better equiped to deal with current and future challenges.

Creativity works at its best with the right balance between container and freedom. Through team workshops, HeartWise Co. can help you create a cutlure where directions and limits are clear, and individual creativity promoted. Within such a culture, people feel they can relate and actually belong to the organization, and they happily contribute to help the company make a real difference.


  “To be human is to become visible, while carrying what is hidden as a gift to others” – David Whyte


About the work

To me, the key to a fulfilling life is the ownership of our strengths, while seeing each challenge as an opportunity to grow and realize our full potential.

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HeartWise’s approach is holistic and revolves around three main pillars: strength-enhancing, mindfulness-based, and heart-centered.



Working with HeartWise will help you own and embody your strengths, so that you become more empowered to meet your goals.


We use our experience in the present moment to discern our priorities and the right actions to take, while staying in integrity with our values and aware of practical aspects.


HeartWise will meet you with warmth and empathy. Building up a safe and trust-based relationship, you will learn tools and discover resources to face challenges with an open heart and transform limitations into opportunities to grow.

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About Cedric, the founder of HeartWise Co.

Cedric is passionate about conciliating personal development with career and business development.

His approach to coaching draws from his academic and consultant career (PhD and Master graduate in Business and Economics) and more than a decade of dedication and training in yoga, mindfulness, and personal development (RYT-200 and trained in the Hakomi method). This unique combination of analytical and project management skills together with human competences makes Cedric’s approach to career and business advancement as well as life challenges holistic: An approach that fulfills professional ambitions and the longing to grow as a person.

Currently based in Copenhagen, Cedric has worked and lived in four countries and speaks English, Danish, and French fluently. Coaching can take place in person or via video-conference.

Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.” – Oscar Wilde



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